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Dairy Industry Action Plan

The South Australian Dairy Industry Action Plan 2019-2024 is a blueprint for the advancement of the industry which has seen a decline in farmer numbers over the years.

Cattle Industry Fund - National Advocacy Funding

Support SADA to develop and deliver industry policies at all levels.

Future Drought Fund - Our Farm Our Plan Project Funding

The Dairy Industry in South Australia to develop and implement Farm Business Resilience training for the Dairy Industry.

BJD Management in SA

Provide economically sustainable and practical management of BJD and reinforce good on-farm biosecurity practices in South Australia.

2023 Strategic preparation for Murray River Swamp inundation

The Grant is to assist the Recipient engage with Lower Murray Private Irrigation Trusts to best prepare each Trust to remain operational during and after an inundation event, and will engage with the Trust manager and identified contractors following an inundation event.

National Agriculture Traceability Program

The purpose of this National Agricultural Traceability Strategy (the Strategy) is to align and maintain momentum with relevant stakeholders around a common vision for an enhanced national agricultural traceability ecosystem.