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National Agriculture Traceability Regulatory Technology Research and Insights Grant

The Strategy is export focused and initially covers all agricultural commodities and products; live, food-producing terrestrial and aquatic animals; and other prioritised issues. It does not currently include companion animals (such as dogs and cats), nor does it address banking, finance and insurance traceability aspects.

To achieve the objectives of the Strategy over the next 10 years, a clear plan of action needs to be established, implemented, monitored and evaluated to ensure it achieves its objectives over its lifetime.

The SADA/Datahash National Traceability Trial – Overview

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, approved a grant to SADA to deliver the national traceability trial for the dairy supply chain.

In late 2021 SADA in company with a business called Datahash and with the assistance of the Fleurieu Milk Company, conducted the traceability alpha trial in SA. The alpha trial was funded by the South Australian Dairy Industry Fund which is capitalised by the sale of SADA Fresh milk.

This trial used blockchain/distributed ledger technology to trace milk from the farmer’s vat to the outgoing loading dock of the processor. The alpha trial success attracted national attention from businesses such as GS1, (the group which issue barcodes internationally) and Woolworths.

After discussions with Woolworths, GS1, Dairysafe SA (the state-based regulator) and Datahash, it was agreed that the technology was so promising that and expanded trial needed to be conducted in SA to cover the supply chain from the cow to the customer.

The importance of this work will see improvements across the whole supply chain and become visible to all participants in it, including the customer. While not in the scope of this trial this technology will eventually enable farmers to be paid instantly at time of pick up and will be able to trace where their milk went all the way to the customer.

If this trial is successful, SADA and its partner Datahash will have an operational supply chain technology that is unmatched globally.

While restricted to SA this will be the national trial, and will include several dairy farms, the Fleurieu Milk Company, Woolworths and Dairysafe as participants in the supply chain. Initial planning is underway, and the project partners will be meeting on 31 May 2023, to outline the scope of works.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.