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The South Australian Dairy Industry Action Plan is completely dedicated to improving outcomes for not only South Australian dairy farmers but also the processors who we see as our partners in advancing the outcomes of our industry as a whole.
The South Australian Dairy Industry Action Plan is supported by the processor organisation the Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s South Australian Branch.
To date the Action Plan has enjoyed strong support from the South Australian Government. The renewal of the plan is expected to enable continued support.

Targeted Key Performance Indicators will be developed as part of the Action Plan renewal. These measures, which will cover the areas of engagement, activity, aspiration and change will be reported periodically. At a high level they will include levels of production measured against past production and national performance, levels of engagement and partnership, outputs of innovations and adoption of industry leading technologies and processes.

SADA is committed to innovation in all its endeavours. Work undertaken through the Action Plan to date has delivered significant innovations in traceability with are emerging as nation leading in the agri-food sector. Innovations in communication management, particularly through the deployment of a CRM system is delivering improved engagement abnd deeper partnerships across SADA’s areas of activity

The consultation process over two years led to the creation of the objectives as outlined above and in the Dairy Industry Action Plan.
The methodology stepping forward will be to undertake a mid-term review of the plan and its outcomes. Much has evolved over the first three years of the plan and South Australia is seen as a leader in the dairy industry nationally. The collaborations and partnerships that exist in this State are the envy of other jurisdictions.
This project will enable a further round of consultation which builds on the engagements of the past five years. Through these consultations and an objective review of the progress of the industry, an enhanced action plan will be developed which provides a sharper focus for future industry strategies and allows renewed collaboration with governments at all levels together with other parties with a focus on dairy industry development.
Following this period of consultation and development, the project will focus on further developing and delivering initiatives that will deliver the outcomes described by the SA Dairy Industry Action Plan.

A series of key performance indicators will be developed in tandem with the action plan renewal

  • A strong focus on the export market dovetailing on Australia’s excellent reputation as the best clean green and natural supplier of dairy products, while positioning South Australia as being recognised as the best of that best.
  • Demonstrating that South Australia has the highest animal welfare and biosecurity standards.
  • Improved communication across the supply chain.
  • Working with the strategic direction of South Australia as a jurisdiction.
  • The Dairy industry takes a more aggressive posture in dairy related issues.
  • Facilitating the development of training models and succession plans for the future of the industry.
  • Promoting the industry as an industry with prospects