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December 06, 2016

SA Dairyfarmers’ Association (SADA) Welcomes the Backpacker Tax Resolution

The SA Dairyfarmers’ Association (SADA) welcomes the resolution of the backpacker tax.

SADA President John Hunt said after 18 months of lobbying and a numbe of false starts, the agricultural sector finally has a decision that provides certainty for backpackers and employers.

“It is a good outcome for dairy farmers to know that they will continue to be able to call on backpackers for vital on-farm and off-farm roles which cannot be filled locally and to complement our existing workforce during peak times,” Mr Hunt said.

“We will now work with the government to redress the impact of months of indecision. It has affected the dairy industry and rural Australia and we need to let potential working holiday makers know there are opportunities here.”

"Along with other agricultural sectors, we have consistently said that we believe it is reasonable for backpackers to pay some tax, but the government’s initial proposal was too high," Mr Hunt said.

The decision to reduce the proposed tax rate from 32.5 per cent to 15 per cent tax maintains Australia’s status as a competitive destination