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April 05, 2019

Animal Liberationists Day of Action 8 April 2019

Animal Liberation organisations have become more active in recent times and there is credible information that some of these organisations are planning a day of action for 8 April 2019.

At this stage the activity seems to be concentrated on farms on the east coast, particularly Queensland and Victoria. SAPOL has advised that there is no specific intelligence suggesting any similar activity in South Australia. Nevertheless, SADA advises its members to remain alert and vigilant should there be any activity targeting your farm.

If you do not have a bio-security sign on your fence, put one up. Nearly all SADA members have been supplied with signs last year. If you need one contact SADA and we’ll work to get one to you as soon as possible.

Keep the number of your local police station at hand. Also keep an eye out for suspicious conduct over the next three days.

People may be scoping out your farm, if this does occur try and record as many details as you can, registration numbers are particularly useful. If you do have concerns contact SADA on the number below or your local police station to pass on any information you may have. If your farm is invaded by protestors it is best that you do not physically retaliate.

While you have the right to use reasonable force to prevent a person entering your farm it is not recommended as the chances of escalation are too high. Call SADA and call your local police station. What you can do is tell the intruders in a loud and clear voice that they are trespassing and that they should leave your property immediately. Repeat the demand to leave several times. If you can record yourself doing this and any responses you may get so much the better. After that record all that they do. Use your telephone to do this and stick to the simple message that they are trespassers and they are breaking the law. Do not engage intruders in any conversation beyond that. There is no requirement for a formal set of words so long as you clearly tell them to leave the property and that they do not have permission to be there. Remember, if you can, record everything on your phone.

SADA and other farming organisations are keeping a close eye on this and are in the process of developing formal protocols with SAPOL and other appropriate government departments to make sure that information which is gathered is collated and passed on in both directions.

Should you experience a trespass by any person or people call: John Elferink on 0418 406 400 or Andrew Curtis on 0419 037 569 or the SADA Office on 82932399 any time. The General Police Number is 131444.