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The Grant is to fund the Dairy Industry in South Australia to develop and implement Farm Business Resilience training for the Dairy Industry (Project) that builds the strategic management capacity of farmers, farm managers and employees to prepare for and manage risk, adapt to a changing climate and improve the farm businesses' economic, environmental and social resilience.

The Project is to provide subsidised training for a minimum of 30 farmers to develop their strategic management skills and support them to develop or to update an existing farm business plan (resulting in 30 business plans).

The Project will support learning in areas including strategic business skills, risk management, natural resource management, and personal and social resilience. The Project will also support farm business planning, tailored to participants’ business and situation, and the opportunity for professional feedback on the plans.

The Project outcomes are to:

  • support the strategic management capacity of farm business managers through the use of innovative tools, improved drought risk business planning, education and training, and improved knowledge of market and private sector services.
  • support the application of data and information to improve on-farm decision-making and risk management.
  • increase farmers' understanding of their farm business drought resilience level.
  • encourage farmers to adopt innovative approaches and technology, including on and off farm diversification options or new farming practices, farming systems and markets.
  • encourage improved natural resource management capability through planning and training on financial, drought and risk management.
  • develop a project plan.
  • deliver the Dairy Australia ‘Our Farm Our Plan’ Program (minimum 30 participants).
  • deliver 30 business plans (develop or update of existing farm business plan).
  • inform the delivery of future years of the program through monitoring and evaluation of activities and approach.